Podcast Ep. 3 – Iteration and Immersion

Stubbazubba had a kid, so I recorded with a mystery guest host instead. This also means all kinds of quality of life features did not make it into this podcast. The editing is not as good because the episode was recorded last minute and I had less time to edit, there’s no direct download link, it’s being posted pretty late, and this little summary post here is a lot sloppier than normal. I’m really bad at summarizing, but we do end up coming back around to the topics of iteration and immersion a lot. We talk about video games. And tabletop games. With a mystery host who is some guy you’ve never heard of, and sloppier editing than normal. And also this is released under the Creative Commons 4.0 International License and I hope linking to what that means isn’t part of releasing it that way because we are legally obligated to release under Creative Commons (we use CC music) but I’m already kind of exhausted. There’s a podcast, listen to it.

And no, the thing where it’s two play buttons isn’t another issue of the editing guy doing the uploading instead of the uploading guy. This episode is unusually long and therefore has an unusually large file size, which means it had to be split into two parts.

You can find out more about Steam Jazz here and the map we referenced is here. Srax can be contacted at nikuth88@yahoo.com.

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