Podcast Ep. 4: DungeonScrapped

For those who don’t check author tags, this is Chamomile again. That baby Stubbazubba has means that I’m now in charge of posting episodes. I guess? Communication with Stubbazubba has been kind of infrequent since he had that kid. Please bear with me while I figure out how this whole “post episodes” thing works.

In today’s episode of the Critical Insignificance podcast, we mostly talk about DungeonScape. We also discuss Running With Rifles towards the beginning and I give a long, rambling, and probably poorly edited description of Risk threads at the end. Feel free to just stop listening when we stop discussing DungeonScape, because seriously, that part was not very good. Maybe I should’ve cut it completely instead of just editing out the worst parts.

Announcing Vow of Honor KS!

A few episodes back, I mentioned that I had done a little bit of writing work for an upcoming KS project. The project is called Vow of Honor, a new role-playing game by Sigil Stone Publishing, and the kickstarter is now live! Vow of Honor puts you in a world spiraling into chaos and tasks you and your companions with saving it: Continue reading