Let’s Play Chrono Cross: Worst Security Ever

You might expect that recording or editing or even uploading a Let’s Play would be the hardest part. You’d be wrong, though. The part that I mess up most regularly is apparently copy/pasting the embed link into a blog post.

Let’s Play Chrono Cross 7 We Fought The Law And The Law Lost

We’ve skipped a few episodes here, because while my YouTube upload schedule has remained consistent, I don’t always remember to post it to the blog. You can find the missing episodes through my YouTube channel.

Let’s Play Chrono Cross: Professor Chamomile’s Live Tutorial

So clearly this blog isn’t being updated regularly without some kind of source of easy content on my part. That source of easy content is going to be a Chrono Cross Let’s Play between myself, who knows the game pretty much inside and out, and my younger brother Annon E. Mouse, who has never played it before in his life. Mouse will be at the controls, and I’ll be guiding him to all the stupidest party members. Continue reading