Dark Lord: Troll King

So, it’s been two weeks since this site had content, mostly because I’ve been running around putting out fires for a while after everything went belly up over in my actual real life. So let’s put up some more Dark Lord stuff while I procrastinate editing more Chrono Cross episodes. After my friend got me a Google Chart that crunched all the probabilities for me, I was able to discern that the stat pre-requisites needed to be tweaked slightly, which is why these ones are a bit different from the Lich King prereqs.

-The Troll King (dark lord). He is very tough and hits very hard, but has limited ranged attack abilities, can only target a small number of enemies at once, and has low mobility. Works spectacularly against small groups of powerful enemies who can’t get away from him, and works reasonably well against swarms just due to his extremely high durability – he will get through all of them eventually, and they will have a lot of trouble overcoming his regenerating health, especially once the crowd starts to thin.

-Troll Flame Lord (lieutenant) requires 16 INT, 14 CON, 10 STR, 10 WIS. Powerful AoE ranged attacks can wipe out mobs of little enemies in a hurry. In melee, he’s more powerful than an orc warrior but not as powerful as a troll knight or fire giant berserker. Lacking in ranged single-target firepower.

-Fire Giant Berserker (elite) requires 16 STR, 11 CON. Powerful melee fighter with both single-target power attacks and AoE cleave attacks. Durable but not excessively so, vulnerable to spike damage.

-Troll Knight (elite) requires 14 STR, 14 CON. A control tank who maintains the front line and can force enemies to attack him instead of fragile allies.

-Troll Mage (elite) requires 16 INT, 11 WIS. A weaker version of Troll Merlin, can clear out swarms of weak foes with powerful AoE attacks. Has a wide variety of shapes (sphere, cone, line, etc.) for different situations.

-Orc Priest (elite) requires 16 WIS, 11 CHA. A healer and buffer who keeps the rest of the team on their feet. Has good single-target heals but lacks across the board healing. Trolls rely on regeneration to stay standing while the Shaman targets his healing on recipients of major damage and non-troll allies who don’t have passive regeneration.

-Orc Captain (elite), requires 14 STR, 12 INT, 11 CHA. A dedicated buffer who can increase both attack, to help punch through the enemy front line faster, and defense, to help keep his own front line alive.

-Goblin Champion (elite), requires 14 DEX, 12 STR, 11 INT. Fragile but evasive, the goblin champion specializes against large opposition by avoiding AoOs to get within range, avoiding attacks in general so as not to be splattered by heavy attacks, and being able to hit far above his weight class in melee. Also effective at range and can kite slow enemies lacking ranged attacks. However, he is very fragile and any opposition who can hit him reliably will bring him down in a hurry. Orc captains and priests can ameliorate the issue to a degree.

-Orc Warrior (troop), requires 12 STR, 10 CON. A moderately powerful melee fighter who keeps the pressure on the enemy with high damage attacks. Quite fragile.

-Orc Archer (troop), requires 12 DEX, 12 CON. Has single target ranged damage comparable to a Goblin Champion, but very fragile in melee and has poor defenses.

-Goblin Shaman (troop), requires 14 WIS. Less effective healer than the orc priest, but can still keep allies up for an extra round or two in the face of average opposition.
-Goblin Fodder (fodder), no prerequisites. Someone has to make level 1 heroes feel like they’re badass. That’s you.

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