• Film Crit Hulk
    • An anonymous film critic puts on a very articulate Hulk persona to talk about movies. A must-read for lovers of movies, writing or Hulk!
  • Schemes of the Dancing Chimera
    • A very smart blog which delves deep into game design, theory, and has produced quite a bit of home-brew material. Check it out.
  • The Gaming Den
    • Message board devoted to talking about TTRPG design; once you get used to the personal insults, there’s no better resource for learning good game design
  • The Order of the Stick
    • My favorite webcomic, D&D-based.  Excellently written, hilarious, and worth reading from comic 1.
  • Darths & Droids
    • Star Wars and D&D-themed screen-capture webcomic. Very entertaining.
  • Roll20
    • A free-to-use online virtual tabletop with built-in features to take your online game to new heights.
  • Your Business Sucks
    • A blog about the current state of the tabletop game industry, with great insight.
  • The Importance of Motivation
    • An essay at the Fantasy Library about character motivations, their place in driving stories, and how that relates to TTRPGs. Enlightening.
  • The Snowflake Method
    • A process which helps writers organize the stories in their heads into books on paper by developing the “structure” through several steps, which leaves you with the scenes you need to write and what they must accomplish.
  • Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing
    • Prolific author Dean Wesley Smith dispels pretty much everything you’ve ever heard about writing fiction. An inspiration to all those who’ve considered writing.
  • The Angry DM
    • A blog with a bunch of great ideas about how to run D&D better, a nice combination of theory and practical application in an easy-going, enjoyable tone.

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