Matters of Critical Insignificance is a phrase coined by my brother and I while discussing fantasy novels, game design, and movies; it refers to the exacting standards we put our entertainment to, what is ‘critical’ to get right, etc., while reminding ourselves that in a greater context, it was all very insignificant. Often it would come up after we would get off on a tangent about real-world politics or socio-economic/socio-political issues, as in, “Enough about the plight of the working poor; back to matters of critical insignificance! What kind of bug would make another great super hero?”

And in that spirit, I continue to voice my thoughts, analysis, and ideas on movies, super heroes, fantasy, and gaming. I try to avoid matters of real significance, but I’m sure they’ll crop up occasionally.

Feel free to reply to anything with your thoughts and comments as I like hearing different perspectives, even if I may not agree. Remember, though, that this is all insignificant; nothing to get heated or mean about. The internet has many places for rage, I just don’t want this to be one.


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